Back to School Poster

Back to School Poster

Saw Deftones for the 4th time at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View on August 26, 2015. They were with Incubus, apparently for the first time since the Back to School tour in 2000 (which I also went to).

This show was pretty rad. The weather was perfect (as always) and the amphitheater is right by the LinkedIn office. We normally head to Sports Page first to pregame, then back again for a few more after the show. This show was on a Wednesday which happens to be karaoke night. So yeah, that too.

I took a few videos of the show. Sorry they’re so shaky, I was getting into the show and had a beer in the other hand. The videos are embedded from YouTube below with a link to download the full res original next to each one. If you want to download all of them, here’s a zip file: and Incubus at

Deftones-Sex Tape

Download Deftones–Sex

Deftones–Knife Party

Download Deftones–Knife

Incubus–Anna Molly

Download Incubus–Anna


Download Incubus–

Incubus–Pardon Me

Download Incubus–Pardon

Incubus–Wish you were here

Download Incubus–Wish You Were