I started sailing in July of last year (2014) at Tradewinds Sailing School and Club. Learning to sail on the San Francisco Bay has been amazing. It’s the New York City of sailing–if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. 🙂

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I’m ASA Bareboat Charter certified (ASA 104) and I also hold my Advanced Docking and Motoring endorsement (ASA 118). My next step is Coastal Navigation, then Advanced Coastal Cruising, Celestial Navigation and then finally Passage Making. Ultimately I’d like to sail across an ocean (a la “All Is Lost” with Robert Redford).

Most of my sailing is done on the San Francisco Bay. That is, behind the Golden Gate Bridge. Cross underneath the Golden Gate and you’re in the open ocean. Now, sailing within the gate can be extremely challenging, but crossing out into the open ocean presents a whole new set of challenges. On July 19th, 2015, for the first time, I set sail for the open sea.


There were four of us on “Whale Song”, a 43′ Jenneau. Our float plan charted a path under the Golden Gate Bridge and North along the coast up to Drakes Bay. There we anchored, ate dinner and spent the night. The next morning after breakfast we put up the sails and headed West to the Farallon Islands, approximately 25nm West of San Francisco Bay.

The distance/duration from day two is a little off–I forgot to turn the track recording off when we docked so I recorded my drive home as well. 😀

I was sailing on the San Francisco Bay on May 08, 2015 when I got the news that my brother had passed away. This was my first time back on a boat since. Overall the trip was quite a success. We saw jelly fish, whales, sharks and the usual harbor porpoises and sea lions. We saw a sea lion violently tear apart a large fish, but didn’t get any video of that.

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